MotoRent Costabrava by Motos Casademont
just 5 minutes from Girona station

Moto Rent Costa Brava in Girona has in stock motorbikes and scooters from MotosCasademont. We can supply anything from 50 cc scooter to a 750 cc motorbike.

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Motorbike rental

Scooter 50 CC

50 cc mopeds car licenes or moped license .Minimum age 18 years.

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Scooter 125 base 125

Compact, light-weight 125 cc automatic scooters, equipped to carry two people.

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Scooter 125 Superscooter

125 cc automatic scooters offering the highest performance levels and larger dimensions…

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Scooters 200-250-300cc

They are large scooters, automatic, for two persons.

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Suzuki Gladius 650

Top-of-the-range Suzuki Gladius 650 cc for those who love their biking.

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*The motorbike hired may be different from the model in the image.

*The rental customer is responsible for damage and total or partial theft of the motorbike or accessories.

What our customers say

  • The experience was a good one, and I was also surprised to find that the bike was completely new.Marc Feliu
  • They delivered and picked up the bike at the campsite, at no charge. Perfect.David Green